• Amanda Sereno

    Amanda Sereno

    Peppy, happy, fun-loving, outgoing, and all manner of friendly. Also about 5' and made of the slightest frame you've ever seen. Current portrait is roughly what she would look like in a modern-day setting. Don't mind Evan poking his head in there.
  • Fla'kk


    A stealthy, mute Criamon who likes to look like a 'dark mage' and likes to creep people out. Specializes in Mentum and Imaginem
  • Holle


    Lithuanian pseudo-druidess with some magical propensities and a distinct distaste for Teutonic Knights
  • Sankera Galen

    Sankera Galen

    Fairly tall. Quiet, contemplative, but by no means shy; considers herself an intellectual. As for the portrait, bear in mind that Emily has an unhealthy love for the color purple, and imagine that her hair is simply pitch black.
  • Sindri


    Verditius magus with strong dwarven (fae) blood, specializing in Terram and Creo
  • Willem Urquhart

    Willem Urquhart

    A strong Sidhe blooded companion with a knack for selling magical items and getting into trouble